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Secondary School

Secondary students are aged between ten and sixteen years of age. Two Year 6 Classes have moved early to the Secondary school due to lack of classroom space in the Primary School.

The approach taken to delivering the curriculum will depend on the individual needs of pupils and students. For some it will involve an emphasis on sensory experiences and for others it will involve the use of a structured learning environment.

Key Stage 3 – (ages 11-14)

As students enter the Secondary School they continue to cover the full range of National Curriculum subjects but experience them through a more specialist delivery model. Most subjects are taught by subject specialists and students enjoy learning through a rich variety of activities and experiences. Opportunities to help broaden students’ horizons beyond school are emphasised through social and life skills visits into the local community.
Key Stage 4 – (14-16)
In their final two years at The Bridge School students begin the process of accreditation in the form of course work within Foundation Learning. We currently use the AQA, Ascentis and OCR exam boards, and the ASDAN accreditation scheme, to allow all students to have their work validated externally. Students in Year 11 attend three local post-16 providers during their final year to help determine the most appropriate placement for when they leave school.


Work related Learning is also part of the curriculum, and students begin to give more thought to ‘Life afterThe Bridge’. The process of transition becomes an increasing focus within the Annual Review meetings.

The Secondary Campus day runs from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm with a daily assembly at the end of each day.
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