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Supporting the School

Welcome to our page about supporting the school!

We are very fortunate in that many organisations and individuals in the Community continue to support us in many different ways.

Ipswich Golf Ladies Section presented a cheque to help towards the school's new sensory room.

Chatsworth Ladies Group- Chatsworth Ladies have continued to support us over a number of years both in fund raising and providing each pupil with an Easter Egg at Easter.

Gipping Valley Stompers- The Gipping Valley Stompers regularly play their Jazz Band for us at many different events throughout the year.

Suffolk Motorcycling Group- Over several years they have provided funding to pay for specialised transport for whole school outings.

Duke of York Public House, Ipswich- For the last two years the patrons of the public house in Ipswich have held a `Fun Day' on the Bank Holiday Monday in August and have donated all the proceeds to The Bridge School.

We are very fortunate to have four mini buses, two on each Campus. Two of our mini buses were donated by The Variety Club when we were Heathside School and Belstead School and another of our mini buses was donated by The Freemasons. Without the use of our mini buses we would not be able to attend our weekly Riding for the Disabled sessions, work experience, social skills visits to local supermarkets, forests and seaside.

Each year our Year 11 students take part in Work Experience and we would like to thank the following establishments for making this possible:- Whitehouse Enterprises, Tesco and Growing Places.

Local people of Suffolk who kindly send in vouchers on a regular basis for Sainsburys, Morrison's and Tesco which help provide very valuable resources to be used in school.

PE and Sports Premium funding


At the Bridge School we use our PE and Sports Premium funding to provide exciting learning opportunities that our pupils might otherwise not have access to. 

Throughout 2017 we hired a company called Yoga Bugs to deliver bespoke yoga lessons to a number of our classes. These sessions were led by a professional instructor who adapted the time-honoured exercises and poses of yoga in order to create engaging and stimulating sessions that focused on pupils’ ability to follow instructions and position their bodies. With input from the Bridge, the instructors created specialist resources, such as symbols, which allowed our pupils to participate in the direction of the sessions, telling us which poses were their favourites and which they wanted to have another go at. These weekly sessions helped to develop pupils’ gross motor skills, special awareness and concentration skills. 

Partnering with a local riding school, pupils from across the Bridge were able to access horse riding lessons. Supported by trained professionals, as well as their class staff, pupils rode the horses and learned how to issue instructions to their animals, such as stop, go and faster! The pupils love their time with the horses, and for many who are nervous around animals, these sessions provide an invaluable opportunity to overcome their anxieties and build up their confidence. The riding also helps to improve pupil gross motor skills, physical coordination, and their core strength, as they learn to sit up in the saddle and use the reigns to direct the animals. 

We also use our PE funding to access sailing lessons. These exciting sessions give pupils of the Bridge access to an activity that they otherwise may never experience! Under the close supervision of trained instructors, pupils learn confidence and responsibility skills, as they take to the water whilst following the important safety regulations.

We have hired a sports activity company, Inspire Suffolk, to lead PE sessions for four classes on the Primary campus. These professional PE instructors devise and lead extremely active sessions that are designed to get the pupils moving, while developing their key skills. Sessions have thus far focused on running through obstacle courses, leaping over hurdles and across gaps, throwing items with accuracy and using tools such as rackets and hockey sticks to manoeuvre balls.

Liaising with class teachers, Inspire Suffolk adapt their plans and individual pupil learning targets each week to create highly differentiated learning opportunities for the children.