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Welcome to Alde Class



Who is Alde class?

Alde are the most energetic class in the world with exception to a girl who behaves like a lady and won’t be rushed. You will hear Alde class before you see them and they will welcome you with open arms.

Favourites in Alde class are sensory circuits and soft play sessions with guest appearances from our SIOT Rachelle. Singing, food, yummy food and making food. Use of iPads, horse riding and bus outings.

We can do messy with both our art and sensory activities and have some wonderful staff who are probably messier.

We can also do academic and have made amazing progress this term with our independent skills and use of our work stations. We can concentrate on reading and math activities, structured learning tasks and most of us now work there without an adult. With exception to a couple who don’t like heights and prefer to work low level on the floor just as well as everyone else.