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Every school has a curriculum that comprises all learning and other experiences that it plans for its pupils. It is not necessarily a rigid program of academic study and should be tailored to the particular context of the school and the community it serves.


Our curriculum has now been re-written in conjunction with our teachers to ensure that it helps us to provide the best possible outcomes for every pupil’s individual needs. The curriculum vision reflects what we are hoping to achieve with our young people by the end of their time at The Bridge School.


The new curriculum has three different pathways to meet the needs of our diverse cohort of pupils to follow.  These are:


  1. The Footpath Route (for our students with profound and multiple learning difficulties)
  2. The Bridge Route (for our students with severe learning difficulties)
  3. The Highway Route (for our students with moderate learning difficulties)

OCR Life and Living Skills Qualification


Pupils in year 10 and 11 work towards this at Entry Level 1. The children have the opportunity to work towards a range of units and are assessed against the ‘achievement continuum’. Teaching staff select units which are most appropriate to the needs of the individual children. The units are both internally and externally assessed. The units cover a range of topics, including literacy, numeracy, the world of work and personal skills. For more information, follow the link below:

Careers Education


The Bridge School aims to provide all secondary school children with a careers programme that allows children to develop their understanding of the world of work. The Bridge School is creating links with the community to provide children with a range of workplace encounters. Some of the local organisations we have partnered with recently include Chantry Library, ActivGardens and Otley College. Children in years 10 and 11 are studying for their OCR Life and Living Skills qualifications, which includes units such as ‘Recognising Work Areas in the Local Community.’ Our key stage 4 curriculum gives children the opportunity to learn skills which can be used in the workplace such as horticulture, food preparation and office skills, building on what the children have learned throughout their time at school.


At The Bridge School we recognise that children and parents often need very specific information about their post 16 and careers options. Parents and children have the opportunity to visit potential post 16 provisions and we endeavour to work closely with parents and other partners to plan a meaningful transition which allows children to continue making excellent progress.


Finally, all adults within the school are expected to be excellent role models for children, demonstrating the skills and qualities we would expect to find in the workplace.


This is reviewed annually in September.

Destination Data


We work hard to support your child to move on when they reach the age of 16.  the table below shows the provision that those children aged 16 and over moved to when they finished at The Bridge School in July 2018.


Riverwalk School Hillside School WS Training Other
42.3% 14.3% 28.3% 14.3%


For more details on OCR Life and Living Skills Qualification, Careers Education and Destinations please contact Emma Byford, Middle Leader (Opal and Diamond Class), email or call 01473 556200.