Date: Thursday 3rd September 2020

We have considered at great length the safety issues alongside the needs of children and families: thank you to all of you who forwarded your thoughts and concerns.

Much as there clearly are advantages with our children having an extended staggered start and while the transport arrangements are far from ideal (and in many ways still unknown), we have on balance decided to aim to offer all children a five-day placement as quickly as is practical.

Transport will be advised and as soon as we know how we are getting the children into the school, we will communicate further.

May we make a further reminder request for wellies, waterproof coat and a water bottle to stay in school please?

As far as communication with parents is concerned, please do use the staff emails to let us know anything important or to make specific requests for information or otherwise: or call and leave messages if you prefer. We absolutely cannot use diaries. In addition, staff do need to teach and supervise the children for all the time they are here.

We are (after all) able to offer a simple hot lunch to any child who wants one. This will be eaten in the classroom, along with packed lunches, as the dining halls will be out of bounds. Any child on free school meals with thus receive a meal and a packed lunch is not required. As you might imagine, this is another logistical challenge(!) and we would appreciate it if you could let us know if you would like to purchase hot lunches asap.

In September, we are advised to be prepared for local lockdowns and we will communicate more fully the process in the new school year. In brief, if there is a positive case of COVID in the school, the school / part of the school will be closed temporarily and instantly; all staff, students and their families will be asked to obtain a test (we can help) and the school will be deep cleaned; track and trace will ‘be on the case’ as well we understand. For the purposes of being able to operate efficiently, the school will be regarded as a single bubble with sub-bubbles of North and South Campus. Our plan is that, subject to transport arrangements, children will not mix across the two bubbles but some members of staff (as few as possible) will need to work across the two bubbles.