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Multi Agency Working

The Bridge School Mutli Agency Team
At The Bridge School we have a multidisciplinary team of health professionals who work for the local Primary Care Trust. These health care professionals support the education staff within school and they include physiotherapists, occupational therapist, speech and language therapist and school nurse. We also have regular specialist support from consultant paediatricians, a dietician, an ophthalmologist, educational psychologist and dental hygienist. Additionally we have contact with a clinical psychologist, social workers within the disabled children’s team, the community nursing team and advisory teachers.

Contact Details
If you need to contact the health team please call the school office, or put a message in you child's home to school diary.
If you wish to contact the School Nurse please call 01473 275800

Therapy Teams at Bridge School
Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy
Here are a few pieces of information that you may find helpful during this time.
Staff Availability
Although the therapists mostly work year round they will not always be available at Bridge Primary and Bridge Secondary in the school holidays and answerphones may not be checked as frequently.  This is a time when many therapists are out on home visits or possibly on leave.  If you would like to get hold of one of the team it is advisable to contact the therapist through The Main Therapy Bases at St Helens House Ipswich.  Main bases are staffed every day all through the holiday period.
Physiotherapy:                                   Ipswich 321220
Occupational Therapy:                        Ipswich 321230
Speech and Language Therapy:         Ipswich 321225                                 
Parents/carers are kindly reminded that if they have any issues with Wheelchairs over the holiday period to contact wheelchairs services directly on:
Wheelchair Repairs:      01473 373237
Wheelchair Services:    01473 692727
(Please inform the OTs/PTs also so they can offer advice to wheelchair service if appropriate)
Orthotics (Splints)
Any urgent splint issues (breakages, significant discomfort) please contact Orthotic Clinic directly on 01473 703302.  For concerns about fit and outgrown splints contact the PT as usual or wait for your regular review.

The Therapy Teams