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Orwell Class

Orwell is a Key Stage 4 class and we are beginning to learn skills that will be useful in the wider world. Our teachers, Emma and Gill, have made us a curriculum that has daily themes. On Monday we ‘Make for Others’ which covers Art, Communication and Outdoor Learning. We have made a bug hotel, bath bombs (which we sold for charity  and we’ll go on to make nesting boxes. On Tuesday, our theme is ‘Independent Living’’ which covers cooking and general living skills such as cleaning. Cooking highlights have included macaroni cheese and Gypsy Tart. We eat what we have made and follow the whole process from buying ingredients to clearing-up. On Wednesday, we learn about ‘Health and Happiness’. This involves activities such as Social Skills outings, for our emotional and social well-being, and PE. We have been on some epic walks in the forest and have followed sensory trails in the gym. We try to be as happy and healthy as we can! On Thursdays we focus on ‘Myself and My Feelings’ covering Music, Drama,the Sensory Studio and PSHE. A highlight was experiencing a WW2 drama and meeting a real soldier. We finish the week with ‘Numbers Count’ where the theme of Maths and Money runs throughout the day. Lots of us enjoy a sensory approach and so we often go home with remnants of sand, paint, soil and flour on our clothes. Just as well that we are learning to use a washing machine!