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Pink Class


Welcome to Pink Class!


In Pink class we work very hard and have lots of fun every day, learning new things and exploring new ideas.


In Literacy this year, we are developing our fine motor skills, so we can draw shapes and write letters accurately. We are also improving our reading by learning to recognise words and pair them with what they are describing.


In Mathematics, we are expanding our understanding of number and amount, and learning all about concepts such as more and less, long and short, and big and small.


We always have a great time expressing ourselves with different media in Art and Design, and in Music we love experiencing new songs and deciding the best ways to move to the tunes.


We keep fit in PE, running around as fast as we can, and improving our gross motor skills through throwing, catching and kicking activities.


On Fridays we use a minibus to visit the local community, to gain a better understanding of the world around us and our place in it.



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